Guide to Funeral Directors in Spokane

With a population of approximately 208,000, Spokane, in the northwestern United States, is the second largest city in Washington. It is the seat of Spokane County and is situated on the Spokane River west of the Rocky Mountains.

The population is served by six funeral homes in Spokane, four of which are within five miles of the centre. The city is well provided with upwards of eight cemeteries.

The city has become more ethnically and religiously diverse in recent decades, and today Spokane has a mix of faiths and also a high proportion of inhabitants with no religion, increasing the likelihood that funeral homes in Spokane may have the experience to provide different types of funeral arrangements.

Spokane is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Spokane and the Mormon Spokane Washington Temple District. There are three synagogues including the Emanu-El congregation, and Spokane Islamic Center is the city’s first mosque.

In Washington, a death certificate must be filed within three working days of the death.The body must be embalmed or refrigerated in the period leading up to either burial or cremation. There are no state laws restricting where ashes can be scattered.

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