Guide to Funeral Directors in Virginia Beach

Also known as Neptune City, Virginia Beach is the largest city in Virginia, located on the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, on the Atlantic Ocean. There are nearly 438,000 people living in Virginia Beach, with several funeral homes helping bereaved families and individuals during their time of need.

The primary religious faith practiced in Virginia Beach is Catholicism, but the Southern Baptist Convention and United Methodist Church also have significant followings within the city.

People who adhere to Islamic and Jewish faiths also live here. They are served, respectively, by the Crescent Community Center and Islamic Center of Tidewater, and the Beth Messiah Synagogue. Many funeral homes in Virginia Beach strive to accommodate everyone in the city’s diverse population.

In addition, Virginia Beach has a noticeably higher proportion of non-religious residents, compared to the national average, with over three-quarters of residents claiming no religious affiliation. Therefore some funeral homes in Virginia Beach may have experience arranging non-religious funeral services.

Standard Virginia burial and cremation rules apply in Virginia Beach. This means that a death certificate must be filed three days before a body is buried, cremated, or shipped out of the state.

Also be aware that Virginia state laws require embalming or refrigeration if the final burial or cremation will not take place within 48 hours of the death.

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