Wichita Falls


Guide to Funeral Directors in Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls, the seat of Wichita County, is the principal city of the Wichita Falls Metropolitan Area in Texas. It is the 29th largest city in the state, with a resident population totaling in excess of 104,000.

There are currently four funeral homes in Wichita Falls. All of the funeral homes in Wichita Falls are within five miles of the city center, affording residents good ease of access.

There is one crematorium in the city, and it has seven cemeteries and memorial gardens, including: Riverside Cemetery on Seymour Highway, Hillcrest Cemetery on Southwest Parkway, and Lakeview Cemetery on Southwest Parkway.

Wichita Falls places of worship include: First United Methodist Church on 10th Street, First Baptist Church on 9th Street, Synagogue House of Jacob on Kemp Boulevard, and the Islamic Center on Trigg Lane.

In Texas, a death certificate should be filed with the registrar before ten days have passed following a death. Embalming is necessary if the final deposition is not to be within 24 hours. There is no obligation to use a particular casket for a cremation or a burial, and you do not have to purchase it from the funeral house you use. You may scatter ashes over uninhabited public land or your own private property if you wish, providing that you do not inconvenience anyone.