Guide to Funeral Directors in Amarillo

Nearly 191,000 people live in Amarillo, Texas, and there are several funeral homes serving the town’s population with funeral arrangements for their loved ones when the time comes. These funeral homes are spread out all over Amarillo to make them easily accessible to the residents who live in different areas.

Baptist Christians are the primary religion here, as well as numerous other denominations of the Christian faith. Amarillo funeral homes are likely to have diverse options for diverse cultural and religious traditions.

There is a smaller percentage of people who follow Islam and Judaism. The two synagogues are the Temple B’Nai Israel and the Mayim-Hayim Hebraic Learning Synagogue. These are located on Albert Avenue and SW 8th Avenue respectively. The Islamic Center of Amarillo is the only mosque in the area. Funeral homes in Amarillo may have experience offering funeral services for different faiths, but be sure to check that your chosen funeral home can meet your requirements.

According to Texas state law, you have 10 days from the death to obtain a death certificate. Funeral directors in Amarillo will usually prepare and file the certificate on your behalf. Only immediate family or a beneficiary can obtain a death certificate copy, but the latter must have legal documentation as proof.

Private burials may be possible in Amarillo and its surrounding areas, but only after you check with the county or town clerk about local zoning laws. Speak to a funeral home in Amarillo for advice about arranging a burial or cremation for your loved one.

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