Guide to Funeral Directors in Waco

Waco is a city in McLennan County, Texas, roughly halfway between Austin and Dallas. With around 130,000 residents, as many people also live in its metropolitan area which includes McLennan and Falls County towns.

There are six funeral homes in the Waco area and eleven in total for McLennan County. Funeral homes in Waco will be able to support and help you you with your loved one’s funeral arrangements and will be aware of Texas state laws that apply following someone’s death.

A celebration of your loved one's life can be held in a religious setting or a secular venue. The population of Waco is diverse, with places of worship for Jewish, Bahá’í, and Islamic faiths, as well as many Christian churches. A beautiful Hindu temple can also be found in Temple, Bell County, to the south.

Funeral homes may also offer facilities including private chapels for the ceremony of your choice, along with cremation, and transport to final resting places.

There are many historic cemeteries in Waco thanks to its long history. The First Street Cemetery has long been closed to new burials, but there are two other main cemeteries run by private associations. Funeral homes in Waco will know how to find and secure the places of rest that are appropriate for your loved one.

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