Guide to Funeral Directors in Charleston

Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina, founded nearly 350 years ago and still growing, with a thriving population of over 137,000 people. More than 30 funeral homes can be found in Charleston in both the downtown area and outskirts.

Charleston is known as ‘the Holy City’ because of its religious history, and this is particularly salient when considering funeral options. People of all faiths looking for funeral homes in Charleston have a particularly wide range of suitable choices due to the city’s proven openness to religious diversity. Many funeral homes in Charleston have extensive experience handling diverse types of services according to faiths and cultures.

There are several cemeteries to choose from in Charleston, including the Magnolia Cemetery Trust, the Riverview Memorial Park Cemetery and the Sunset Memorial Gardens.

Unlike many states, South Carolina does allow burials on private property, meaning that residents can opt for a home burial if they choose. However, depending on the exact circumstances, there may be zoning laws, health codes and other considerations to take into account, and the property owner must record the location of the burial and disclose it to the future owners should the property ever change hands. Therefore, it is still typically in families’ best interest to consult one of the many funerals homes in Charleston to be sure there is no confusion.

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