Guide to Funeral Directors in Tulsa

As the second largest city in Oklahoma, Tulsa has a population of about 400,000 people. There are several funeral homes are located throughout the Tulsa area, serving bereaved families and individuals.

About one-third of Tulsa residents are Evangelical Protestants, with about 16 per cent identifying as other Protestant and eight per cent identifying as Roman Catholic. A little over one-third of the population does not identify with a particular church or religious group, meaning that Tulsa funeral homes may have experience providing secular funeral services.

Funeral services can be arranged with one of the many funeral homes in the Tulsa area. Loved ones can be buried at Crown Hill Cemetery located just off route 75 or Rose Hill Memorial Park in the central part of the city.

For those making funeral arrangements in Oklahoma, burials are most commonly carried out in established cemeteries. However, private burials are sometimes possible in this state. Check with local zoning laws, and if permitted, the location of burial grounds should be filed with the property deed. Your chosen funeral home may be able to advise you further in this regard.

Ashes after a cremation can be kept in a container at home, or scattered in a remembrance garden, on private property (with the landowner’s permission), in the sea or other areas. Common sense is encouraged when scattering ashes; seeking permission from the landowner is always advisable and you should be considerate of others in the vicinity when scattering.

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