Guide to Funeral Directors in Cincinnati

Over 30 funeral homes serve the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, which has a population of nearly 300,000 people. The funeral homes are scattered widely across the city, including on both sides of the river.

Most Cincinnati funeral homes cater to the city’s significant Christian population which includes a sizeable Catholic community, as well as many other denominations.

However, with just under half of all residents in the wider metropolitan area having no religious affiliation, many Cincinnati funeral homes are experienced in providing secular funeral arrangements.

Funerals in Cincinnati are governed by Ohio state law. Unlike many other states across the U.S., the state of Ohio has no embalming requirements after a death. However, many bereaved families and individuals in Cincinnati and Ohio still choose embalming for their loved one.

There are over a dozen cemeteries serving the bereaved across Cincinnati and the surrounding areas, including the Spring Grove Cemetery and the Vine Street Hill Cemetery.

State laws are flexible in regards to storing and scattering ashes, but private burial plots must be filed with the property deed so that their locations are in public records. Speak to a Cincinnati funeral home for advice on arranging a burial or cremation for your loved one.

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