Guide to Funeral Directors in Cleveland

Cleveland has a population of roughly 852,000 people. Serving this population are over 40 funeral homes scattered evenly throughout the metropolitan area.

Nearly one third of the residents in Cleveland affiliate with the Roman Catholic Church, with about 20 per cent identifying as Protestant. Jewish, Latter-day Saints, Islam and eastern religions make up smaller percentages of the population.

There are hundreds of places of worship throughout Cleveland. The Catholic St. Michael the Archangel Church is located just west of downtown while the Cleveland Church of Christ is on the east side. Your chosen Cleveland funeral home will be able to liaise with your regular place of worship to arrange your loved one’s funeral.

Cleveland’s cemeteries include Glenville Cemetery, located in the northeast part of the city, with Erie Street Cemetery and St. John’s Cemetery both more centrally located. Alger Cemetery serves Cleveland residents on the city’s west side. Private burials are permitted in Cleveland if they abide by local regulations.

Those who choose to have remains cremated may store ashes at home in a container or place them in a crypt or grave. Ashes may also be scattered, but common sense should be followed when selecting a location that abides by any local regulations. Directors and staff members at Cleveland funeral homes can provide information about burials and cremation as well as prepare your loved one for a private viewing.

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