Guide to Funeral Directors in Omaha

With a population of about 408,000, Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska. There are around 11 funeral homes in Omaha, helping bereaved families and individuals plan the ideal funeral for their loved one.

Just over half of the population of Omaha affiliates with some religious group. The largest segment, about one-quarter, identify as members of the Roman Catholic Church. About six per cent identify as Protestant, with Latter-day Saints, Muslim, Jewish and Eastern faiths making up to remainder. Therefore Omaha funeral homes may specialize in services for a specific faith, or may have experience catering to a range of religious beliefs, as well as secular wishes.

Funeral arrangements in Omaha are subject to Nebraska state laws. These laws require a death to be registered by the funeral director or embalmer in charge of funeral arrangements, and this must be done within five business days of the death.

Embalming is a legal requirement in Nebraska under some circumstances; for instance, if your loved one died of a communicable disease or will be transported by plane or train.

In Nebraska, burials most commonly take place in established cemeteries. Pleasant Hill, Calvary, and St. Mary Magdalene cemeteries are local burial places. Although private burials are possible, local zoning rules need to be followed and a funeral director must be willing to help manage the burial.

Cremation ashes can be kept at home, placed in a grave, niche or crypt, or scattered in a private or public area. Your chosen funeral home will be able to further advise you on the legal requirements of arranging a funeral in Omaha.

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