Guide to Funeral Directors in St Louis

St. Louis, an independent city in Missouri, is part of the Greater St. Louis area. As the largest metropolitan area in Missouri, St. Louis has a population of more than 317,000 people.

There are eight funeral homes in St. Louis, operating across the city centre and surrounding area; all of these located within easy reach of the city center.

There are six crematoria in St. Louis, and the city has 20 cemeteries and memorial gardens, including: Bellefontaine Cemetery on West Florissant Avenue, Memorial Park Cemetery on Lucas-Hunt Road, and Calvary Cemetery on West Florissant Avenue.

St. Louis’s places of worship include: St Cecilia Catholic Church on Louisiana Avenue, Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis on Lindell Boulevard, Bais Abraham Congregation on Delmar Boulevard, The Hindu Temple of St. Louis on Weidman Road, and Muhammad Mosque on West Florissant Avenue.

Funeral homes in St Louis will be able to support and help you you with your loved one’s funeral arrangements and will be aware of state laws in Missouri that apply following someone’s death. Among them is that a death certificate should be filed with the local registrar within five days of a death.There are no restrictions on the scattering or keeping of funeral ashes.

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