Guide to Funeral Directors in New Orleans

As a major seaport in Louisiana, New Orleans has a population of roughly 350,000. Funeral homes in New Orleans are located throughout the city, in the French quarter, southwest side and in the northwest region.

Just over one-third of residents identify as Roman Catholic while another third identifies as Protestant. A small percentage of the population identify as Jewish, Latter-day Saint, Muslim or of another Eastern religion. Funeral homes may have experience providing a variety of funerals for different religions; be sure to ask if they can meet your requirements.

In New Orleans, burials must take place in an established cemetery. Greenwood Cemetery and Mausoleum is centrally located, as is Old Fellows Rest. If you want a private burial for your loved one, you will need to contact local authorities to see if a family cemetery can be established on private property. Your funeral director will be able to advise you further on burial arrangements.

Ashes from cremation can be scattered on uninhabited public lands, private properties with permission and over water. They can also be kept at home or placed in grave or crypt.

All arrangements for funerals can be made by contacting funeral directors at New Orleans funeral homes. Fully-trained directors can be a great support when you are grieving the loss of a loved one. They can help make all the funeral arrangements, from organizing the showing, memorial services and burial, to helping individuals memorialize their loved ones in special ways.

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