Guide to Funeral Directors in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, east of the Mississippi, is the capital of Louisiana and the second largest city in the state behind New Orleans, with an estimated 228,000 inhabitants.

There are upwards of 12 funeral homes in Baton Rouge, with at least 10 inside a five mile radius of the downtown area. Some funeral homes in Baton Rouge have integrated crematoriums connected with them; there are three such offering cremation funeral services in the central area of the city.

Baton Rouge has more than 15 cemeteries in use across the city and the immediate areas. Notable amongst these are Baton Rouge Cemetery on 19th Street, the Lutheran Cemetery on Eddie Robinson Sr Drive, and the Jewish Cemetery on North Street.

Prominent places of worship include: St. James Episcopal Church on North 4th Street, St Jude Catholic Church on Highland Road, Beth Shalom Synagogue on Jefferson Highway, and Masjid Al-Rahman Mosque on East Airport Avenue.

In Louisiana, a death certificate should be lodged with the registrar within five days of death. It is necessary that the person that has died be embalmed, refrigerated or interred before 30 hours have elapsed, and they may only be buried in recognized cemeteries. However, there are no state laws which restrict the spreading of ashes.

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