Guide to Funeral Directors in Louisville

As the largest city in Kentucky, Louisville has over 597,000 people who call this city their home. Over 30 funeral homes are located throughout the greater Louisville area, serving bereaved families and individuals across the city.

Funeral directors are experienced in helping grieving families cope with the loss of their loved ones by arranging memorials and funeral services to help remember them. Many levels of service are available so that families can find the right service for them and their loved one.

Roughly one-third of the population of Louisville identifies with Protestant denominations of Christianity, while about 13 per cent attend a Roman Catholic Church. A smaller percentage fall into the Latter-day Saints, Jewish, Islamic and Eastern religion categories. Therefore funeral homes in Louisville may specialize in providing certain types of funerals, or have experience catering to a range of religious and cultural beliefs.

All funerals arranged in Louisville are subject to Kentucky state law. This does allow private burials as long as zoning regulations are followed, although most bodies are buried in established cemeteries. If a loved one is cremated, ashes may be scattered, kept at home or placed in a crypt or grave. Unlike many other states, there is no legal requirement for embalming in Kentucky, although many families still choose embalming for their loved ones.

Cemeteries such as Louisville Cemetery, which is centrally located, or Green Meadows Cemetery, serving the west side, are available for finalizing funeral and burial arrangements. For those in the far northwest area, Louisville Memorial Cemetery can provide services.

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