Guide to Funeral Directors in Atlanta

Atlanta is home to nearly half a million residents of the great state of Georgia. There are several Atlanta funeral homes available throughout the city to take care of funeral services for your loved one. The majority of these venues are located in the middle of the city, surrounding the main roads of Interstate 85 and Interstate 20.

Atlanta has always historically been a largely Protestant Christian city and to this day almost two-thirds of residents identify as Protestant, which is significantly higher than the national average. It is likely that Atlanta funeral homes will be well-acquainted with Protestant funeral traditions and may also specialize in catering to other denominations.

However, the presence of other religions has also grown in Atlanta in recent decades. There are now many ethnic or national Christian congregations, such as Korean and Indian churches, as well as a higher number of people practicing Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. There are around 20 mosques and 18 synagogues throughout the city. Some of the most popular are Ahavath Achim Synagogue on Peachtree Battle Ave, the Temple on Peachtree Street, and Al-Farooq Masjid of Atlanta on 14th Street. Therefore funeral homes in Atlanta may also be able to assist in arranging funerals in accordance with different faiths and cultural traditions.

Funerals in Atlanta are subject to Georgia state law. While there are no restrictions on having to use a casket for the burial process, local cemeteries may have further restrictions. Your chosen funeral home will be able to give you more specific information regarding this.

Burials can take place at a cemetery or on private land, although the latter is far less common and requires compliance with various zoning laws. The spreading of cremation ashes can be done anywhere throughout the city, although it is always best to seek permission from the landowner.

There are currently 18 cemeteries and two crematoriums throughout Atlanta. These include Oakland Cemetery, Westview Cemetery, and Chestnut Hill Cemetery. Speak to your funeral home to discuss available burial plots for your loved one.

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