Guide to Funeral Directors in Greeley

Greeley, the seat of Weld County in northern Colorado, is the 12th most populous city in the state, with an estimated total population of over 96,000.

There are two funeral homes in Greeley, meeting the needs of local residents. Both of these are to be found closer than five miles to the city center.

There are three crematoriums in the city, and Greeley has two cemeteries and a memorial garden: Linn Grove Cemetery on Cedar Avenue, Evans Cemetery on 11th Avenue, and Sunset Memorial Gardens on West 28th Street.

Prominent places of worship include Greeley Wesleyan Church on 22nd Street, St Mary Catholic Church on 23rd Avenue, Beth Israel Congregation on Reservoir Road, and Masjid Ar Rahma Mosque on 8th Avenue.

Colorado laws require that a death certificate be lodged at the local registrar within five days of the death. Embalming or refrigeration is required if the burial or cremation is delayed for longer than 24 hours. Although the majority of burials are conducted in conventional cemeteries, it is feasible to have a burial on private land if arranged. Funeral homes in Greeley will be able to provide further information about these requirements.

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