Guide to Funeral Directors in Lakewood

Lakewood, in Jefferson County, Colorado, is part of the Denver Metropolitan Area. It is the fifth most populous city in the State, with a population in the region of 150,000.

There are three funeral homes in Lakewood serving residents, with all of these establishments located inside five miles of the center of the city.

Lakewood has several crematoriums and around seven cemeteries and memorial parks, including Golden Hill Cemetery on West Colfax Avenue, National Cemetery on Van Gordon Street, and Mount Olivet Cemetery on West 44th Avenue.

Lakewood possesses a wide variety of places of worship including St. Jude Catholic Church on West Florida Avenue, St Paul’s Episcopal Church on West 10th Avenue, Congregation Zera Abraham on Winona Court, and Rocky Mountain Islamic Center on West Jewell Avenue.

Be aware that there are some regulations which relate to funerals and registering a death in Colorado. Funeral homes in Lakewood will be able to aid you should you require further information.

A death certificate must be filed within five days of death. Embalming or refrigeration is mandatory if the burial or cremation is not held within 24 hours. While most burials take place in established cemeteries in Colorado, there are no laws specifically prohibiting burial on private land. You may scatter ashes on private land and, where there is no inconvenience to others, on public land also.

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