Guide to Funeral Directors in Oakland

The city of Oakland, California is home to nearly 420,000 people with many different funeral options available to residents. While most Oakland funeral homes are spread out throughout the city, a number are located near downtown Oakland.

With a rich cultural and religious diversity, the city is home to various different religions and there are many funeral directors who offer specialized religious and non-religious services in the city. Over 16 percent of the city’s population identifies as Catholic, so Oakland funeral homes may be experienced in providing Catholic funeral services.

For Jewish and Muslim funerals, there are six synagogues in Oakland including Temple Beth Abraham on McArthur Boulevard and Beth Jacob Congregation on Park Boulevard, and seven mosques in Oakland, including Lighthouse Mosque on 42nd Street and Muhammad Mosque on Foothill Boulevard.

There are also about a dozen cemeteries and crematoria. Cemeteries include St. Mary Cemetery on Howe Street and Home of Peace Cemetery on Fairfax Avenue. Crematoria include the Greer Family Mortuary and Cremation Services on Blanding Avenue and Alameda Funeral & Cremation Services on Oak Street.

When making funeral arrangements in Oakland, no casket is legally required for burial or cremation, although many families prefer to have a casket or coffin for their loved one. Regulations state that embalming or refrigeration is required if the burial does not occur within 24 hours.

Search for funeral homes in Oakland using your area or ZIP code to discover the services available to you. You can filter search results by best rated, most reviewed or nearest, and click on the funeral home’s profile to find out more. There you can read customer reviews, learn more about the funeral home and find out how you can get in touch to begin making funeral arrangements.