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Beautiful memorial jewelry to keep your loved one’s memory close

Beautiful memorial jewelry, including pendants for ashes and personalized memorial necklaces

When a loved one dies, finding ways to honor their memory can be an important part of adjusting to life without them. Memorial jewelry has been around for hundreds of years, with talented craftspeople and jewelers keeping that tradition strong and offering unique and modern memorial keepsakes.

Whether you want a personalized engraved ring, or a necklace pendant for ashes, these 15 pieces of memorial jewelry from Pinterest may give you inspiration for how you want to pay tribute to your loved one.

Remember that you can always talk to your funeral home about your ideas. They will be able to liaise with companies offering different types of remembrance jewelry.

1. A signature piece of memorial jewelry

This custom-designed ring is crafted in the shape of your loved one’s signature. The jeweler can create the design from a picture or scanned autograph for a very personal memorial keepsake.

2. Beautiful layered cremation jewelry

Cremation ashes are layered with crystal glass to create these beautiful cremation jewelry keepsakes. They come in every color of the rainbow, in necklaces, earrings, rings and cufflinks.

3. Custom-engraved memorial necklaces

These necklaces come in silver, gold or rose gold, and the makers can engrave signatures, quotes, date, geographical coordinates or your loved one’s handwriting - whatever is special to you.

4. A golden bangle keepsake

This gold-colored bangle with delicate angel’s wing and birthstone bears the message “a piece of my heart is in heaven”. You can also add personalized initial charms and a birthstone of your choice.

5. A truly unique memorial ring

This very special ring is engraved with your loved one’s fingerprint. Engravers can copy inked copies of fingerprints and capture the one-of-a-kind pattern for a touching tribute.

6. A golden locket for cremation ashes

This gold vermeil pendant is inspired by the Yin-Yang symbol and contains a compartment to keep a small amount of cremation ashes or lock of hair.

7. A shining bead made from cremation ashes

Looking like a beautiful constellation, this bead contains cremation ashes of a loved one. Available in a range of colors, turning ashes into glass jewelry is a popular keepsake.

8. An infinity necklace for ashes

This sterling silver necklace for ashes is in the shape of the infinity symbol, ideal for keeping a loved one close when you know their memory will live with you forever.

9. Matching keepsakes for grieving parents

These beautiful matching rings in brushed stainless steel for Mommy and Daddy pay tribute to a beloved baby or child.

10. Engraved footprints memorial necklace

Engravers can take images of your baby’s footsteps and create a touching tribute to them with this unique keepsake.

11. A key pendant necklace for ashes

This stainless steel key-shaped pendant is a locket for ashes. Each key has a screw top which allows you to keep ashes or a lock of hair close to you always.

12. A personalized bead keepsake

This Pandora-style bead incorporates cremation ashes and can be easily added to a charm bracelet. Beads come in different colors with personalized engravings.

13. A precious locket for cremation ashes

This delicate amethyst-decorated capsule opens up to let you carry a small amount of ashes with you wherever you go.

14. A double pendant in tribute to a special father

This engraved pendant reads “I used to be his Angel, but now he’s mine.” The scrolls can be accented with a color of your choice.

15. A modern heart-shaped locket

This silver, gold and bronze-colored pendant can be customized with the name of your choice. The heart is a small urn which can contain cremation ashes.

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