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Read all about it: How online reviews are influencing our choices


Think back to the last time you bought something online. It’s likely that you read and considered reviews by other customers as you browsed your options – after all, nine out of 10 of us now do so, according to recent findings.

Indeed, research by BrightLocal shows 84% of people now trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

What’s more, almost three-quarters of satisfied customers are happy to take the time to share their experience with others, by writing a review online. In short, contented consumers have become important influencers on a major scale.

For funeral homes which already place great emphasis on quality service, it’s a great opportunity to further showcase the customer-care they are proud to have talked about.

Valued clients will gladly recommend

Word-of-mouth recommendations have always played a big part in assuring people that when it comes to funeral arrangements, a funeral home that has looked after its clients well, is the right place for friends and family to trust.

According to BrightLocal’s latest annual Local Consumer Review Survey, almost 70% of satisfied U.S. customers are now also happy to write a positive online review, to be read by countless other potential clients.

The findings reveal that consumers who are pleased with the service they’ve had, are more than willing to write positive feedback about it. How? Well most are happy to oblige when asked to do so, by the business in question.

Funeral directors with every confidence in their excellent customer care, are already generating word-of-mouth testimonials. Yet clearly many people are willing to share their written views online, when made aware of how much their opinion is valued. And satisfied customer views are valuable: three quarters of people say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

Why are online reviews so important?

More than half of consumers who actively consider online reviews say they look at two or three review sites, before making a purchase. A funeral is one of the biggest financial considerations for American families, so the reviews on these sites are becoming a key part of their decision-making.

“Online reviews are quickly becoming a big success story for our funeral director partners. This is testament to the great service that so many funeral homes provide to families across the US, in their time of need”Gary Moyle, Head of Digital, Funeral Guide

Three out of five people are also looking out for a positive ‘star rating.’ You may have seen these come up, when you make a search on Google. These ratings are a quick and easy way to establish how trustworthy a business is and are often the first thing you will see when searching online.

U.S. consumers trust online reviews more than ever

Reviews are a proven way of generating more business. According to the study, almost seven out of 10 people are more likely to use a local business, based on its positive customer reviews. And, as revealed, 84% of people now trust these endorsements as much as a personal recommendation.

While traditionally, many families have chosen funeral services based on personal recommendations, it looks like online reviews are set to be a growing source of enquiries – and are here to stay.

So funeral homes across the U.S. have the opportunity to generate more first calls, offering the same great services they always have – by conveying to families how much their custom, and their online review, is appreciated and valued.

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