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10 beautiful Christmas memorial ornaments and gifts

view of snow falling on forest outside

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

If someone you know has lost a loved one this year, an in-memory Christmas gift, such as a DIY memorial ornament, can be a lovely gesture to show them that you are still thinking of them.

If you would like to give a bereaved person or family a Christmas gift in memory of a loved one you can find some ideas in this guide.

What makes a good in-memory Christmas gift?

It might be best to talk to them before you decide what gift to give them as not everyone will appreciate opening a present that reminds them of their loved one on Christmas Day. Even if they decide not to accept your gift, they will probably still appreciate the thought.

Memorial Christmas ornaments

sparkly gold bauble on a Christmas tree

Photo by Chad Maddens on Unsplash

Keeping a memorial ornament can be a lovely reminder of someone who has died, and there are lots of different types you can buy; it doesn't have to be Christmas-themed!

Alternatively, making a DIY memorial ornament can be an especially touching gesture. Even if you are not normally a crafter you can find lots of tips for how to make simple, but beautiful remembrance ornaments online.

Memorial jewellery

watch with a leather strap and a gold necklace chain lying on a wooden bench

Photo by Erik McClean on Unsplash

If you know a person who has been bereaved very well, you might want to consider buying them a piece of memorial jewellery.

A watch or necklace inscribed with the name of their loved one can be a lovely gift to both men and women.

Memory quilts

close up quilt on sewing machine

Photo by Jeff Wade on Unsplash

Quilting might not be as popular as it once was, but a memorial quilt made out of a loved one's old clothes is a beautiful tribute that will last for generations.

If you don't think that you are skilled enough at this traditional American past-time to make your own memory quilt, you can send clothes or other fabrics to a craftsperson to do it for you.

Donate money to charity

close-up of edges of US 100 dollar bills

Photo by by Pepi Stojanovski on Unsplash.

If you are unsure if a bereaved family would appreciate a memorial Christmas gift, donating money, even just a few dollars, to a charity that they care about, perhaps to a bereavement support organisation and counseling, might be more appropriate. You can even do it anonymously.

Christmas cards

Arial view of a square of white card on a wooden table with a white mug full of red herbal tea, tea bags with red labels and a branch of red currents

Photo by Mockaroon on Unsplash

Many bereaved people report feeling that after the funeral their loved one is forgotten, and this can be especially painful at times like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mentioning their loved one in Christmas cards can be a thoughtful gesture to show that you have not forgotten them.

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